Vladimir Medical College Exchange, October 2019

Student Exchange – High School

Since August 1995, the VCSCA has regularly hosted visiting Russian high school students for various lengths of exchanges. The Vladimir Association Selection Committee carefully screens students for high academic performance and excellent English skills. These students attend area schools for 1 or 2 semesters, and reside with host families for the duration of their stays.

Student / Professor Exchange – ISU School of Kinesiology and Recreation

The School of Kinesiology and Recreation (KNR) at Illinois State University in collaboration with the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports at Vladimir State University offers short-term study abroad exchanges for students and professors. The first group of KNR students, along with ISU professors Dr. Dave Thomas and Dr. Karen Dennis, traveled to Vladimir in May 2015.

Student Exchange – ISU Mennonite School of Nursing

The Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN)’s Transcultural Nursing Experience provides students an avenue for personal and professional growth beyond the traditional boundaries of classroom and clinical practicums. One of MCN’s long-standing student exchanges is with Vladimir Medical College in Vladimir, Russia. Board member Dr. Wendy Woith, Mennonite College of Nursing at ISU, began this relationship in 1999 when she first traveled to Russia with VCSCA members to do bedside nursing staff development. She has returned to Russia many times since for various professional experiences.

The relationship with MCN and Vladimir Medical College remains strong. MCN sends up to six students with a faculty member each May for a two-week immersion into the healthcare system and culture of Vladimir. Vladimir Medical College sends up to six students with a faculty and translator each October to Mennonite College of Nursing for an equivalent experience to complete the exchange.

Medical Professional Exchange

The VCSCA Medical Committee has partnered with the Vladimir Medical Partnership Association since 1993. Partnership activities have included city-wide health conferences in Vladimir, medical professional exchanges in various specialties, curriculum development with the Vladimir Medical College, and development of an Internet resource center and virtual library for health care professionals. Funding for these activities has been provided by USAID SPAN grants, US Congress Open World Program grants, as well as local and private sources.

Open World

Through the Open World Leadership Center, the VCSCA has hosted visitors from Vladimir with various specializations, including health care, special education, library science, and local government. The Open World Leadership Center is a US Congressionally-funded organization working to increase U.S.-Eurasian understanding and partnerships. For more information on the Open World program, visit www.openworld.gov.

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