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Vladimir Canterbury Sister Cities Association awarded 2021 Twin to Win Award

The Twin to Win award was presented by the Coventry and Volgograd Bond of Friendship Committee to celebrate Sister Cities and Twin Towns enthusiasts. During their regular Zoom meetings, our friends in Vladimir and Canterbury shared with the UK-RF Forum the work that we were doing to collaborate virtually throughout the year. We are honored to accept this award and share it with our community.

Photo Exhibit: Vladimir and Vladimirians

Vladimir Club shares their photo exhibit “Vladimir and Vladimirians” with us.

Vladimir is one of the oldest Russian cities. It is famous for its 12th century white stone cathedrals, which are included in the List of UNESCO Heritage Rare Monuments. These monuments are described in scientific books; their images are published in numerous colorful photo albums. Our friends in Vladimir shared this exhibit with us, stating “We would like to show you our beloved city from a different perspective.”

They describe the photo exhibit entitled “Vladimir and Vladimirians” as an attempt to show the viewer not only ancient monuments of architecture which they are proud of, but also the life of their city, the life of ordinary people and the citizens’ interests. They share, “We believe people all over the world have common interests; they have the same perception of beauty; they have love for their city, their country, their family. This love unites different peoples and serves as the basis for life everywhere on the Earth. These ideas are expressed in our photos.”

To view Vladimir and Vladimirians, click here: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/AvB-LWolS6X38g